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Dr. Philip Nelson

In December of 1973, Dr. Nelson bought a veterinarian business which was then located in a storefront near 25th street and Central Avenue northeast. in 2006, he moved his veterinary hospital to its current location on Central Avenue Northeast. Dr. Nelson enjoys overseeing a staff of skilled veterinarians and is highly dedicated to his clients. He believes in a practical and common sense approach to Veterinary Medicine and has never talked anyone into spending money that they should not spend. "I believe that if you take care of people, they will take care of you." 

For Dr. Nelson, The welfare of the pet has always come first. "I try to do the best that I can and treat them as I would my own." This is the Pet Central philosophy. 

Dr. Nelson no longer sees regular appointments at Pet Central, only special requests and surgical procedures including ear crops. 


Dr. Hilary Faas 

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Dr. Mary Ngo

Dr. Ngo grew up in St. Paul and attended the University of Minnesota, earning her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2006. Shortly after, she began her veterinary career at Pet Central, where she’s helped foster a familial atmosphere and feeling of community. Dr. Ngo has a special interest in avian and exotic medicine, as evidenced by her four pet birds, Lydia, Wasabi, Ponzu, and Kruizer. She also claims two dogs, a hamster, and a crayfish named Pebbles. Outside of her love for animals, Dr. Ngo also enjoys reading and doing all the crafts imaginable, including quilting, cross-stitching, and scrapbooking. 


Dr. Jasmine Hoveland

Dr. Hoveland began seeing patients at Pet Central in June of 2019. She earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Minnesota after more than five years of working as a veterinary technician. While she’s not native to Minnesota, she’s no stranger to the cold; Dr. Hoveland grew up on a farm in Montana! In her past she’s trained and raced sled dogs and is currently the proud owner of four bulldogs and one Dogo Argentino named Lex. She’s a fan of our fish friends too. When she’s not caring for animals, Dr. Hoveland enjoys trying new restaurants and sitting down for her favorite TV shows, Grey’s Anatomy and Game of Thrones.

Quote to know Dr. Hoveland by: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle you know nothing about.” -Ian Maclaren 


Dr. Cally Devitt

Dr. Devitt started her tenure at Pet Central in May of 2016 but has been a familiar face at our hospital for much longer, bringing her pets to be treated at Pet Central since she was a child. She received her Bachelor’s in Biology from Saint Catherine University and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Minnesota. Before becoming a trusted veterinarian, she worked as a tech for Pet Central and served as a volunteer for many local animal organizations. Dr. Devitt has a flair for words, citing Garth Nix and Mary Roach among her most beloved scribes. She has a love for engaging art presentations and for her many trouble-making pets that number seven strong and range in type from feisty chihuahuas to photogenic leopard geckos.

Quote to know Dr. Devitt by: “Worship the potato? The idea seemed silly to me. But then I thought, what else is more deserving of worship? It’s simple, it comes from the earth, and it can kill you if you disobey it.”



Dr. Andrew Brothers

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Practice Management



Tina has been a committed employee of Pet Central since 2013 and now wears many hats within the clinic, serving as a lead technician and practice manager. She graduated from the Minnesota School of Business with her veterinary technician degree and enjoys caring for her troop of pets, which includes Pitbull mix Mr. Murphy, Chihuahua Taco, tabby cat Francisco, and tortoiseshell long-hair Kitti. Outside of spending time with her fur babies, Tina also loves playing games and cheering on the mighty Minnesota Vikings with her husband Trent and two sons. Most of all, Tina loves wearing fun scrub tops for all the Holidays!

Quote to know Tina by: “When babies take their first step and then fall on their bottoms, we praise the first step. We don’t criticize their fall… As adults we could learn a lesson here… we spend more time criticizing our faults and not enough time applauding our small steps.”



Jessica joined the Pet Central team in September 2018, shortly after graduating with her Bachelor's from Arizona State University. She previously worked in human medicine but loves the animal world so much more! Jessica especially enjoys watching the Pet Central staff grow and take excellent care of our patients. Her favorite TV show series is The Chosen, but she loves nothing more than curling up to watch Disney movies with her kiddos. She has four fur babies – two huskies, Nala and Marshall, as well as two cats named Kitty Goku and Mew. 

Quote to know Jessica by: “When something bad happens, you can let it define you, let it destroy you, or let it strengthen you.” 



Katie, Lead Vet Tech

Katie joined Pet Central mid-pandemic in July 2020 and has been an awesome addition to the team ever since. Katie attended Minnesota State University Moorhead where she achieved her degree in Instrumental Music Education, but found that her passion for animals is where her heart is. She does have previous animal experience though volunteering and working in shelters, so she had an idea of what she was getting herself into! Her favorite thing about working at Pet Central is "the collective love we have for animals". Katie has a doberman named Gadget, a calico cat named Lorraine, and a torti cat named Gremlin. When Katie is not working, you can catch her playing disc golf, collecting vinyl records, cooking, or doing absolutely nothing at all.

Quote to know Katie by: “Fall seven times, stand up eight”


Gina, CVT

Gina graduated from Argosy in 2012 and has been with Pet Central since 2014. Gina radiates positive energy and knows how to make her staff members smile.She enjoys horseback riding, swimming, hanging out with friends, and playing with her two sons. 

Gina has two standard Standard Poodles named Oliver and Arya (also known as "Goat") as well as 2 cats named Mikko and Francine.


Breanna, CVT 

Breanna has been an outstanding technician with Pet Central since October 2015. Born and raised in Blaine, Minnesota, she studied at the Minnesota School of Business, earning her accreditation in their Veterinary Technician program in 2013. Prior to her tenure at Pet Central, Breanna completed a two-year internship at Skyline Veterinary Hospital in Fridley. In her free time, Breanna loves spending time with her children. She counts five pets among them, three cats named Layla, Felix, and Dottie along with two dogs, Luna and Ruby. 

Favorite Quote : “I wish I was a little kid again, skinned knees are easier to fix than a broken heart.” 


Meggan, CVT 

Meggan is a jack of all trades at Pet Central, often lending a hand at reception but primarily serves as a Certified Veterinary Technician. She earned her CVT license in 2013 and joined Pet Central in 2016. Meggan is also a dedicated volunteer for Safe Hands Rescue and fosters dogs regularly, though none will ever supplant her dog, Gracie. She has also rescued a city impound stray named Eddy. While she grew up in the Twin Cities, Meggan spent much of her formative years on a country dairy farm, bottle-feeding baby calves and playing with barn cats. She loves A Clockwork Orange, both the film and book, and anything written by animal advocate, Temple Grandin.  


Chelsea, VT

Chelsea has loved the team dynamics and family-like atmosphere of Pet Central since she started with us in May 2018. Near and dear to her heart are her cats, a medium-haired named Whisper, and Brutus, a short-hair without a tail. She also adores her dog Lola, who’s a miniature pincher/rat terrier mix. Chelsea enjoys writing creative fiction in her spare time, and even once wrote, directed and starred in a student-led production play at Spring Lake Park High School, which has been used to spread verbal abuse awareness at schools as far ranging as the US Virgin Islands. 

Quote to know Chelsea by: "Hope is born where certainty dies.”- C.E. Chilson 


Heather, VT

Heather came to Pet Central in April 2020 with ambition to move up the latter in Animal Medicine. She is currently studying Animal Science with a Pre-Vet focus with hopes to attend Vet School after graduating. She will then become a Veterinarian and stay at Pet Central for ever! (Just kidding, but we hope so). Heather has a Golden Retriever named Charlie and a cat named Benjamin. You can typically find them all cuddling watch and watching Netflix. Heather's favorite movies are: The Heat, Pitch Perfect, and the Bodyguard.

Quote to know Heather by: ”Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."


Taylor, VT

Taylor brought her zoo keeper skills to the medical side of the animal world in December 2020 after she completed her internship at the Minnesota Zoo. Taylor graduated from the University of Minnesota where she obtained a Bachelors Degree in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology. Although she hopes to own her own zoo one day, for now, she enjoys learning hands-on medical skills as a technician here at Pet Central. When Taylor is not spending most of her time outdoors and traveling, she may be found watching one of her favorite movies: We bought a Zoo (of course), The Grinch, or The Lorax. Taylor has an Australian Shepard named Marty, a mini rex rabbit named Harrison, , two mini lop rabbits named Poppy and Tansy, two Leopard Geckos named Kleo and Kevin, and three cats named Max, Deago, and Wilson.

Quote to know Taylor by: “Why not?”


Bridget "Jet", VT

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Emma, VT

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Toni’s start at Pet Central dates back to September of 2004. She’s been a first-rate, multitasking receptionist with us ever since. Prior to Pet Central, Toni grew up in Brooklyn Park, graduating from Hennepin Technical College and working in the kennels at the local pet hospital there. Now she loves murder mysteries and anything with the Oscar-nominated Mark Wahlberg in it. But she’ll always hold a high regard for the Minneapolis-born Prince, as she was featured in one of his music videos! Toni has two cats, Twist and Jack.

Quote to know Toni by: “I’m leavin’ ya, Martha.” 



Nichola serves as a front desk receptionist at Pet Central and doubles as our Instagram photographer and social media manager. Her love of art is also showcased in the tattoo shops she and her husband open in their spare time. Nichola is a rolling stone, having been born in Virginia and living as far west as Tucson and Las Vegas, gaining more than 15 years of veterinary experience along the way. She has a soft spot for senior animals especially. She also volunteers her time at spay and neuter clinics and raises butterflies at home, along with a plethora of plants.

Quote to know Nichola by: “Quiet people have the loudest minds.” -Stephen King 



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Oksanna has been a valued member of the Pet Central team since May 2016. She's works almost all positions as  a technician, receptionist, and a groomer. Oksanna completed her grooming training at Pucci Pet Career Studios. She’s a devoted fur mom to five dogs, affectionately named Nugget, Magoo, Milton, Lyra and Bella, along with four cats, Titan, Leia, Binx, and Ash. Oksanna has also had a love for drag racing since she was five years old, journeying north to Brainerd International Raceway every single year. She’s a fan of both the Twilight movie saga and the Maze Runner series and was bummed out to hear the World War Z sequel was scrapped.

Favorite Quote: “Follow your heart. Never look back.” 

lydiaLydia is Pet Central's African Grey Parrot, also known as our hospital's greeter and noise maker. Lydia recently celebrated her 20th birthday and is always excited to welcome our patients in the lobby! And while she takes her job very seriously, she can sometimes be found in time out in our breakroom or relaxing on her perch in the lobby chewing paper and making a mess. 

African grey parrots have been kept for pets for thousands of years. The Egyptians, known for their belief that the cat was sacred, are thought to be the first to keep African grey parrots and are said to have depicted them in their hieroglyphics. The Greeks also valued the African grey parrot as did the Romans who kept them in ornate cages. 

Favorite quote: "Want a peanut?"


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